Connecting Because We Can

I had the agonizing and amazing opportunity to redo my website with someone who I think is very talented.  In the process, I had to answer questions I had never considered before.  What is my specialty?  My areas of expertise?  My ideal client?  What kind of therapy do I do? You can imagine his frustration with my answers:  “I do everything.  I see everyone.  I use all sorts of therapies”.  Certainly not the kind of answers that make defining me as a therapist easy. I started thinking about why I love my job.  Because, I truly do love my job.  […]

New Website, New Blog

I wanted to thank you for subscribing to my blog.  I have moved the blog to a “page”/tab on my new website, hopefully for easier navigation.  I am excited about the new look of and have been doing a lot of reflecting on my work.  A new entry to my blog will publish soon- in the meantime, I am just hoping this “works”, and reaches you, and that your summer is all you deserve. Thank you again, wholeheartedly. Lynn PS If you are on facebook and want to see more of the articles I post, please feel free to “like” […]